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The optimist sees the 8% over the 92% and that’s what drives them. The pessimist sees the 92% and accepts it as a reason to stop trying. Who do you think will succeed? The optimist of course. The percent is irrelevant. Don’t tell yourself 92% failed. Tell yourself 8% succeeded. I am ever aware of the negative things in the world, but I choose not to focus on those things.

Thinking positively is powerul. It’s contagious. It yields results in exponential ways and it’s far easier to manage than negative thought. It was once told me by a mentor that you can take all the wealth and resources from a self-made millionaire. In a few years they will be a millionaire all over again.

Why? They’ve been down that road. They understand how to do what they’ve done before, and once they get bit by the bug of success there is no turning back. They focus on what they know they can do, not all those who failed trying. They expect nothing less than success for themselves, no matter what the odds.

MAKE it happen. Keep moving. Force your success. Impose your will onto fate and change the course of your future. MAKE it happen…like a child who keeps bugging a parent so persistently that the parent gives them what they want just to have some peace of mind from their persistence. MAKE it happen.

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